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Sup, Senpai by sbh107
Sup, Senpai
Video Chamber: Sup, Senpai. You okay?
Blood Moon: Yeah... Totally fine... *passes out*

*Nothing to put here*

Video Chamber belongs to me
Base belongs to Twiily-Bases
Collab/Blood Moon belong to iPandacakes
MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Redesign Already? by sbh107
Redesign Already?
A small one, nothing much.

I lied, I changed her design a lot. I dunno, I guess I just didn't like how she turned out at first.

Base belongs to softybases
Nightlit Star belongs to me
MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Next Gen-Butterfly by sbh107
Next Gen-Butterfly
Name: Butterfly
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 15
Buttercup Bush(Sister)

~Mini Bio~

Fluttershy noticed all of her friends had foals, and somepony to care for. Because of that, for the time being, Fluttershy was on her own. She realized it was lonely, rather than all of the animals around her. She wanted a pony to look after. So, she was only a mother.

When Butterfly was born, she was just like her mother, except, she loved flying at a much earlier age. But she especially loved birds and butterflies. One day when a butterfly was being chased by a bird, Butterfly told the bird to stop, and worked out the problem. That's when she got her cutie mark.

Base belongs to Twiily-Bases 
Next Gen-Candy Corn by sbh107
Next Gen-Candy Corn
Name: "Candy Corn" Smith Apple
Nickname(s): Candy, Candy Corn
Age: 21 Years
Apple Bloom(Aunt)
Big Mac(Uncle)
Granny Smith(Deceased Great Grandmother)

~Mini Bio~

Time went on, and Granny Smith had died. Applejack got depressed, and stopped working on the farm, letting the trees rott. However, a fine stallion named Caramel took notice and decided to help her. Caramel was the only one who actually managed to help Applejack restore herself. Caramel decided to start living with the apples, and soon fell in love with Applejack, and they wedded.

They had a foal and named it "Candy Corn Smith Apple". She grew up much like her mother; determined, hardworking, and of course, honest. Except, one time on nightmare night as a filly, she saw candy corn, tried it, and liked it. So during that night, she bumped into Princess Twilight Sparkle who had a potion with her. It spilled on the candy corn, but it turned into an actual plant. Candy was interested in the potion she casted, so she took the mysterious plant home with her.

She studied for hours each day, and finally she got her cutie mark for finding out this candy plant.

Base belongs to Twiily-Bases 
Pepperfang AC 3-Hunting by sbh107
Pepperfang AC 3-Hunting
Totally not rushed. Okay, I rushed it.

This is what I get for spending my whole life doing nothing but doodling pony bases. Yeah! I should totally do it in the last 2 1/2 hours I have left before its too late! NOT.

Oh well, at least I got it done. So here, have a Pepperfang carrying a mouse.
Sorry to those who enjoyed Lightningstar's Adventure, but it will be put on hold until Bramblestar's Storm. After I read Bramblestar's Storm, I will rewrite the story into the same plot line, except the kit's may have different mothers.

Because of this, I'm going to start writing something called Graystripe's Heart. It's about his time in RiverClan, basically. I'm not sure when I'm going to start making them but sometime soon. I'm out!


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United States
Hello everybody! I am sbh107/AlexLPS (On Youtube) And I am in love with many things such as Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Many Video Game Series, and more! My favorite MLP character is Pinkie Pie with a pinch of Rainbow Dash. But anyways, I wuv you all :3

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Pepperfang, ShadeClan, Warrior
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dapplefrost02 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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It is a roleplay based off of dogs and I thought maybe you'd consider taking a look, perhaps?
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Thanks for the fave, And welcome to dA too :D
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