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There Ain't a Better Unicorn than Y'all by sbh107
There Ain't a Better Unicorn than Y'all
Nightlit Star: But Candy, my little brother and mother are both alicorns. It feels weird not having both wings and a horn.
Candy Corn: Cheer up, Night. So what y'all can't fly? You've got magic! Us earth ponies don't have either.
Nightlit Star: That's the thing. You aren't a Princess, unlike me.
Candy Corn: But there ain't a better unicorn than y'all.

Quick little doodle I did of Night and Candy :)

Base belongs to Skyheart-Bases 
Next Gen-Roadrock by sbh107
Next Gen-Roadrock
Name: Roadrock
Nickname(s): Rocky, Rock
Gender: Female/Mare
Cutie Mark: a Diamond Sword
Age: 19 Years
Rarity (Mother)
Spike (Father)
Sweetie Belle (Aunt)
Button Mash (Uncle)
Musicontroller (Cousin)
Princess Alicorn Twilight Sparkle (Step-Aunt)

~Mini Bio~

Roadrock is one of the three triplets of Rarity and Spike the Dragon. Roadrock, unlike her mother, doesn't mind getting her hooves dirty and loves adventure like her father. She was the second triplet to recive her Cutie Mark by bumping into a dragon on a adventure, but used gems to create a sword, and scared the dragon away. During her school years, she wasn't exactly "bullied", but foals did joke about her tail and teeth.

When she was old enough, she moved out of Twilight's castle and lived with her Aunt Sweetie Belle, Uncle Button Mash, and cousin Musicontroller. Musicontroller started challenging Roadrock to adventure and find this, and find that, but they both loved having fun and a good time.

Yes, her Cutie Mark is supposed to relate to Minecraft. No, she doesn't play it.
Base belongs to softybases 
Sup, Senpai by sbh107
Sup, Senpai
Video Chamber: Sup, Senpai. You okay?
Blood Moon: Yeah... Totally fine... *passes out*

*Nothing to put here*

Video Chamber belongs to me
Base belongs to Twiily-Bases
Collab/Blood Moon belong to iPandacakes
MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Redesign Already? by sbh107
Redesign Already?
A small one, nothing much.

I lied, I changed her design a lot. I dunno, I guess I just didn't like how she turned out at first.

Base belongs to softybases
Nightlit Star belongs to me
MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Next Gen-Butterfly by sbh107
Next Gen-Butterfly
Name: Butterfly
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 15
Buttercup Bush(Sister)

~Mini Bio~

Fluttershy noticed all of her friends had foals, and somepony to care for. Because of that, for the time being, Fluttershy was on her own. She realized it was lonely, rather than all of the animals around her. She wanted a pony to look after. So, she was only a mother.

When Butterfly was born, she was just like her mother, except, she loved flying at a much earlier age. But she especially loved birds and butterflies. One day when a butterfly was being chased by a bird, Butterfly told the bird to stop, and worked out the problem. That's when she got her cutie mark.

Base belongs to Twiily-Bases 
Sorry to those who enjoyed Lightningstar's Adventure, but it will be put on hold until Bramblestar's Storm. After I read Bramblestar's Storm, I will rewrite the story into the same plot line, except the kit's may have different mothers.

Because of this, I'm going to start writing something called Graystripe's Heart. It's about his time in RiverClan, basically. I'm not sure when I'm going to start making them but sometime soon. I'm out!


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United States
Hello everybody! I am sbh107/AlexLPS (On Youtube) And I am in love with many things such as Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Many Video Game Series, and more! My favorite MLP character is Pinkie Pie with a pinch of Rainbow Dash. But anyways, I wuv you all :3

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Pepperfang, ShadeClan, Warrior
Burntleech, LightClan, Warrior

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dapplefrost02 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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It is a roleplay based off of dogs and I thought maybe you'd consider taking a look, perhaps?
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