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Aw, look at you! You look perfect with that mane! by sbh107
Aw, look at you! You look perfect with that mane!
Discord: Aw, look at you! You look perfect with that mane!
Nightlit Star: Shut up and change it back before I go to bed, Discord.
Discord: Nah, it'll be fine.

Also, you notice I didn't doodle a cutie mark on Nightlit. I didn't add that on purpose because Discord was playing around and took away her cutie mark.

Base belongs to Twiily-Bases
Nightlit Star belongs to me
Discord belongs to Hasbro
Old Pepperfang meets Current Pepperfang by sbh107
Old Pepperfang meets Current Pepperfang
Current Pepperfang: Instead of asking you tons of questions, lets put all of them in one whole. We're you me over a year ago?
Old Pepperfang: Yep, pretty much.

Basically, over a year ago, I joined FOTC and made up my first cat, Pepperfang. And I can't even draw as bad as I used to be xD

Left: Current Pepperfang
Right: Old Pepperfang
Next Gen: Nightlit Star by sbh107
Next Gen: Nightlit Star
Name: Nightlit Star
Nickname: Night, Star
Cutie Mark: White Star with four blue dots
Age: 25 years
Princess Alicorn Twilight Sparkle (Mother)
Flash Sentry (Father)
Speedy Spark (Brother)
Prince Shining Armor (Uncle)
Spike (Uncle)
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza/Cadance (Aunt)
Rarity (Aunt)
Princess Skyla (Cousin)

~Mini Bio~

Nightlit Star is the first born of Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle. She's bright, willing, and helpful at nearly anytime, but she can also be quite clumsy like running into ponies and tripping over rocks. When she was younger, she actually was a pegasus. Night was also more interested in the talents of Princess Luna and Celestia more than her mother, often getting her into trouble. The reason she's a unicorn now is because while trying to sneak into Luna's room, she bumped into a desk which knocked over a potion, that set off a spell.

Twilight went all paranoid about it, but Night stated that she prefered magic over flying anyways. By the time she was 15, her mother finally had another child and named him Speedy Spark. Night was a bit jealous he was a alicorn, and seemed to always get the attention of being the younger child, but deep inside Nightlit Star loved him.

Base belongs to Twiily-Bases 
Ask Me 001 by sbh107
Ask Me 001
Question asked by MystikRose :
Do you have any family?

"Of Course! I have a little brother, and I found out I was distantly related to Pinkie Pie."

Bases by:

I would've uploaded this earlier, but I forgot about it. Also, I'll probably have a EQG doll coming out later
FOTC LightClan Activity Check by sbh107
FOTC LightClan Activity Check
I'm trying to start making more realistic cats, and I think I'm doing well so far!

Anyways, Burntleech's AC! Enjoy!
Sorry to those who enjoyed Lightningstar's Adventure, but it will be put on hold until Bramblestar's Storm. After I read Bramblestar's Storm, I will rewrite the story into the same plot line, except the kit's may have different mothers.

Because of this, I'm going to start writing something called Graystripe's Heart. It's about his time in RiverClan, basically. I'm not sure when I'm going to start making them but sometime soon. I'm out!


sbh107's Profile Picture
United States
Hello everybody! I am sbh107/AlexLPS (On Youtube) And I am in love with many things such as Mario, Sonic, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Many Video Game Series, and more! My favorite MLP character is Pinkie Pie with a pinch of Rainbow Dash. But anyways, I wuv you all :3

Flutterbat stamp by VelocityOfTheNight

I Am A Proud Member of Future-of-the-clans Stamp by CeruleanOasis
I suppport stamp by Shiningstarofwinter
Pepperfang, ShadeClan, Warrior
Burntleech, LightClan, Warrior

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dapplefrost02 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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It is a roleplay based off of dogs and I thought maybe you'd consider taking a look, perhaps?
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Thanks for the fave, And welcome to dA too :D
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